The MediaManager is the client application of BeeCollect Media. It contains tools for searching, mass data change, batch processing and for the import and export of digital assets.

Get to know the most important functions of the BeeCollect Media Manager.

Configuration of file imports

Creating and managing import profiles

A clearly structured user interface allows to easily define mappings for metadata as well as profiles for file import, image formats, data synchronization and directory management. Even in case of complex structures due to many collection areas or departments you will always keep the overview.

Logging of imports

Checking conducted imports

Conducted imports are recorded comprehensibly in a log overview, each log sorted by profiles and days. Each log overview can be searched by events or documents. For this a calendar and a keyword-based search is available. On the basis of the logged events certain actions like the correction of failed imports can be triggerd.

Change files with batch processing

Batch processing for size or format changes or metadata enrichment of pictures

Original data can be changed regarding their file type, the physical dimensions (height, width, resolution) and the orientation (rotation by a fixed angle or EXIF information). In addition, metadata can be embedded in the original data using predefined mappings.

Mass data changes

Changing many records at once

With the MediaManager existing metadata in the MuseumPlus database can be easily supplemented or corrected. Since the changes are made directly in the database, the results of the mass data changes are instantly available in MuseumPlus.

Search and Export

Search and export images, documents and other files

There is a full-text, a field-based and a hierarchical search (including use of thesauri) at your disposal. In addition, objects can be filtered by collection areas or groups of objects. The search results can be displayed in different views (text list, icon or detail preview). For the individual combination of media a collection basket function is available. A tagging feature allows easy manipulation of metadata or indexing. The found or collected media can be exported and stored in a directory.