BeeCollect Professional

With BeeCollect Professional we offer a modern collection management system, which seamlessly integrates all our BeeCollect products. It is equally important, however, that BeeCollect Professional brings together all our experience in the field of collection management systems of more than 15 years.

BeeCollect Professional is the comprehensive collection management system from Solvatec. Its range of functions covers the classical work areas of the museum business. It provides a transparent, database-driven tool to make processes quick and efficient, as well as providing the basis for a sustainable documentation of the museum's work.

BeeCollect Professional is based on a transparent relational data model. Realized on the modern development platform .NET of Microsoft, BeeCollect Professional provides you with all the functions you can expect from a modern collection management system.

Range of Functions

Covers the typical areas of museum work

As a collection management system, BeeCollect Professional accompanies and supports various work areas within a museum. The functions relevant for a remit are often combined in a program module. The individual modules allow to access data from other modules where this is useful.

  • Inventory and Documentation

    This area is mainly concerned with the registration and documentation of the collection stock..

    Modules in BeeCollect Professional:

     - Collection

     - Persons and Organisations

     - Literature

     - Historical Events

    Furthermore, all modules provide the possibility to integrate external media and documents.

  • Location management, Transports and Restoration

    BeeCollect Professional provides powerful functions for the physical administration of the collection stock, including the management of changes in location, transport and restoration measures.

    Modules in BeeCollect Professional:

     - Location Management

     - Transport

     - Crates

     - Restoration

  • Loans and Exhibitions

    The planning and implementation of exhibition projects, their documentation and the administrative handling of loan transactions are one of the core tasks of a museum. Therefore, BeeCollect Professional provides powerful tools in this area to provide optimal support for the employees.

    Modules in BeeCollect Professional:

     - Exhibition manager

     - Contracts

     - Foto order

     - Authors and texts

  • Event Management

    Comprehensive and reliable tools for the coordination of activities and the allocation of resources are indispensable, especially in larger institutions. BeeCollect Professional offers powerful tools for the management of tours, events and space leases in this area.

    Modules in BeeCollect Professional:

     - Event manager

     - Events calendar

     - Resource planner

  • Press- and Public Relations

    The administration of address data together with the associated information about contacts, events, contracts and loans is an essential part of BeeCollect Professional. The address data provides a central pool which can be used by different departments of a museum. Powerful tools for serial printing, exporting and mailing are complemented by advanced services such as duplicate search and removal or integration with MS Exchange or Office 365. 

    Modules in BeeCollect Professional:

     - Adress management

     - Adress Groups / Categories

     - Mailing

     - Invoices

  • Media Management

    In almost all modules of BeeCollect Professional, it is possible to link external media and documents with data records within the respective module. For images, websites and many types of media, a preview function is available within the program.

    Modules in BeeCollect Professional:

     - Media Manager

    With BeeCollect Media, the administration and use of media become even easier. BeeCollect Media assigns files to the correct data records and manages all linked media in a central repository. Furthermore, metadata can be read from or written to files, making your media resources an integral part of the museum management system.

  • Search and Retrieve

    BeeCollect Professional supports both a full-text search and a faceted search. Both search options are largely configurable through the administration of the system.

    Full-text and faceted search can be combined as needed.

    Each user can store certain search field combinations together with specified search terms and define them as a standard search. Furthermore, the administrator can provide pre-defined search constellations for all users.

    Results of a search run are directly usable for editing, exporting or printing, or can be stored permanently in the form of object groups.

    Modules in BeeCollect Professional:

     - Object groups

  • Metadata Management

    BeeCollect Professional provides modules for editing field labels, code lists and thesauri. In many areas, it is possible to maintain metadata in several languages.

    BeeCollect Professional offers the possibility to switch the user interface between different languages during operation.

    Modules in BeeCollect Professional:

     - Codes

     - Thesauri

     - Administration / Settings

  • Administration

    The administration of BeeCollect Professional includes functions for changing basic settings as well as user and rights management.

    Modules in BeeCollect Professional:

     - Administration / Setiings

     - Users

     - User groups

     - Container

    In the area of user rights, a system is used that supports inheritable permissions on user and group level.

User Interface

Well-structured and intuitive interface

BeeCollect Professional was designed in such a way presenting even complex tasks and facts simply and clearly 

Open modules are displayed in tabs similar to the web pages within a browser window. The user always keeps an eye on which modules and records are open.

The same functions are accessible in the same way throughout the program. Functions such as searching, creating, deleting, copying and outputting records are standardized system-wide.

Technical Conditions

Realized according to established standards

BeeCollect Professional is a classic client/server application. The following system requirements apply to the operation of BeeCollect Professional:

  • Client Resources

    The client software of BeeCollect Professional works on all current Windows operating systems (Windows 7 or higher). The installation of the Microsoft .NET Framework in version 4.6 is required to run the software.

    There are no additional software requirements for the pure running of BeeCollect Professional. The hardware specifications are based on the minimum conditions for the operating system and the .NET Framework. We recommend a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 dots.

    For printouts and exports, the installation of Microsoft Office (Word /n Excel) can be useful but is not required. BeeCollect Professional directly generates the corresponding file (*.docx or *.xlsx). The resulting files can also be opened with other programs (such as OpenOffice) if required.

    Updates of BeeCollect Professional can be automatically loaded and installed from the Internet.

  • Server Resources

    BeeCollect Professional supports the database system Microsoft SQL Server as of version 2008 R2 or higher.

  • Installation on Terminal Servers / Software Distribution

    BeeCollect Professional is fully terminal server-capable and supports the installation via software distribution. The software is optionally delivered as a ClickOnce installation (download and installation via the Web) or as an MSI installation package.

  • Memory Requirement

    The SQL server database typically requires between 200 MB and 2 GB memory space, depending on the amount of managed data.

    Media storage often requires a large amount of memory space. The amount required depends on the amount of managed media.

    By default, BeeCollect Professional supports the storage of media in three different digital asset management systems (Portfolio, Cumulus, Bynder), two cloud storage systems (Amazon S3, Microsoft AzureStorage) as well as conventional network shares or local data carriers.

  • Migration

    Existing collection data can be taken from all conceivable legacy systems in BeeCollect Professional and used there.


Favorable conditions for switching to BeeCollect Professional

The price for the use of BeeCollect Professional is calculated per license for a concurrent user. We will be pleased to provide you with the license price on request.

If you are interested, we would be happy to present the system to you personally or as part of an online presentation. The use of a meaningful demo version is also possible in advance.


The most important arguments für BeeCollect Professional

  • excellent performance
  • favorable licensing conditions
  • transparent, relational data model
  • perfect cooperation with all other BeeCollect Products
  • Integration of open authority data (e.g. VIAF, AAT, GeoNames etc.)
  • Support of established digital asset management systems (Cumulus, Bynder, Portfolio)

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