What is BeeCollect?

Under the label BeeCollect, we develop software that helps museums to gain more value from data in the field of collection management.

BeeCollect solutions extend the scope of the classical collection database significantly. Each product is designed for a specific task and can be used individually. All products are nevertheless perfectly coordinated and mesh like the elements of a transmission.

Get the first overview of our product range here:

BeeCollect Professional

The complete solution for digital collection management

BeeCollect Professional is a modern, comprehensive collection management system that supports the typical tasks of museum work and seamlessly integrates all other BeeCollect products. With BeeCollect Professional, all museums are directly and uncomplicatedly up to date with current technological developments in the field of digital collection management, such as the integration of open authority data via web service. learn more

BeeCollect Media

Fully integrated digital asset management for MuseumPlus Classic

With BeeCollect Media we offer a fully automated digital asset management system that is perfectly integrated with your collection database. Some great museums and collections already entrust their stock of digital documents and images to BeeCollect Media.

Via the desktop client of BeeCollect Media you have fast and easy access to all your digital assets while the server application BeeCollect MediaSync automatically catalogues media in the background and links them to collection items, literature or artist records. learn more

BeeCollect Guide

Multimedia exhibition guide for MuseumPlus Classic

With BeeCollect Guide we offer a solution for a portable multimedia exhibition guide. The configuration and content management of the multimedia guide is fully integrated  into the enhanced exhibition planning process enabled by BeeCollect Professional. Guide editors first connect the exhibits with the selected content for the visitors using the module Exhibition of BeeCollect Professional. Subsequently while walking through the exhibition the visitors retrieve the assigned content via the android-based tablet app BeeCollect Guide. learn more

BeeCollect Sync

Import, export and synchronisation of data

BeeCollect Sync is a comprehensive software solution that allows to synchronise data from MuseumPlus Classic with other collection databases, external systems or web services. To this end customised data mappings and synchronisation rules are created to allow an automatic, time-based or event-driven nature of the synchronization. BeeCollect Sync already contains several interfaces for the realization of typical synchronisation scenarios. learn more

BeeCollect API

Data exchange with MuseumPlus Classic via web service

With the BeeCollect API you make your collection database ready for the development of own Web services and applications. Realized as RESTful web service and equipped with strong encryption and authentication mechanisms the BeeCollect API provides an easy, fast and secure way to access your collection database. learn more

BeeCollect Web

Publishing an online collection with data from the existing collection database

With BeeCollect Web, we offer a comprehensive software solution for publishing content from the existing collection database on the web. BeeCollect Web supports you with powerful tools for the selection and enrichment of data, pushes data to the web server and provides web interfaces for responsive and barrier-free access to the published information. BeeCollect Web gives online visitors versatile options to search for and interact with content released for the web. This makes BeeCollect Web a perfect choice for your online collection. learn more


at a glance


  • Collection Management
  • Data cleansing
  • Data import and export
  • Digital asset management
  • Exhibition management
  • Visitor service