BeeCollect Web

BeeCollect Web is a software for the web publication of content from the existing collection database. It works together smoothly with our collection management system BeeCollect Professional.

BeeCollect Web includes features that enable the creation of an online database, as well as the provision of dynamically generated data sets via a REST API. In addition to the direct retrieval of collection-related data via a web browser, data can also be delivered as JSON or XML to apps or external service providers.

The most important functions of BeeCollect Web are briefly described below.

Content Management

Convenient use of data from your collection management system

BeeCollect Web comes with its own content management system (CMS) that allows to select and edit data supposed to be presented on the web  

This is characterized by the following features:

  • Fully integrated into the collection database

    The content management system (CMS) of BeeCollect Web is linked directly to the existing collection database.

    The CMS is installed as stand-alone software on the client(s) of the respective administrators and allows the configuration of BeeCollect Web, the preparation of content and the transfer of data from the collection database to the web.

    In preparation for the transfer of data from the collection database in BeeCollect Web, mapping sets are created in the CMS. Based on these mapping sets, the data to be transferred are then selected, possibly reworked/enriched and subsequently transferred to BeeCollect Web.

  • Content enrichment before publishing

    Before transferring content from the collection database to BeeCollect Web, the user has the possibility to rework and enrich it. This can include, for example, translations and the integration of external vocabulary sources, 

  • Support of the most important modules from BeeCollect Professional

    In order to publish data from the existing collection database, the CMS of BeeCollect Web allows creating mappings for the following modules of BeeCollect Professional:

     - Collection

     - Artists/Participants

     - Literature

     - Exhibition

     - Multimedia

  • Automated synchronization of collection database and BeeCollect Web

    The process of transferring the data from the collection database to BeeCollect Web can be automated, for example as an incremental update after changing source data in BeeCollect Professional.

    The data is transferred to BeeCollect Web via HTTPS via the API integrated into BeeCollect Web.

  • Easily publish selected media with the built-in media browser

    The media browser integrated into the CMS makes it easy to select the media to be published together with the data in an uncomplicated and visual way. Even with large amounts of media, for example, many images individually assigned to an object, the media to be displayed on the web can be quickly selected using filters and by applying various visual criteria.

  • Publication of standard data sets for retrieval from BeeCollect Web

    BeeCollect Web allows assigning one or more predefined data sets to each published data unit (object, person, organization, literature, exhibition or medium). These data sets are stored in BeeCollect Web and can be accessed via the API integrated into BeeCollect Web. In this way, it would be possible, for example, to provide data in LIDO format available on request for any collection object shown in BeeCollect Web.


Powerful functions for search and retrieval

The backend of BeeCollect Web is characterized by great flexibility and high performance regarding the supported search and retrieval functions. 

The following components are employed:

  • SOLR full-text index

    A SOLR full-text index is used to store the data to be displayed in BeeCollect Web. This provides simple and flexible search opportunities for all published contents.

  • REST API for transfer of configuration, information to be displayed and media

    A REST API is used for the synchronization between collection database and BeeCollect Web. The data to be transferred are transmitted via the HTTPS protocol from the content management system to the web. Access to this API can be administratively restricted by permissible IP address ranges or the use of client certificates.

  • REST API for retrieving information formatted as XML or JSON

    In addition to the presentation as responsive HTML5 output, published content can also be retrieved as a JSON / XML record. This makes it easy to connect apps and media stations to content stored in BeeCollect Web.


Online presentation according to current web standards

The web front-ends generated with the help of BeeCollect Web support the following functions and standards:

  • Responsive web design, based on HTML5/CSS3

    The web pages delivered by BeeCollect Web rest on HTML5 and CSS3. By applying "Responsive Design", the content automatically adapts to different screen sizes and target devices.

  • Customizable look and feel

    All outputs employ  HTML templates, the appearance of which is largely influenced by styles. Only W3C compliant standard technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are applied.

  • Barrier-free accessible according to  WCAG 2.1/BITV 2.0

    All websites delivered are barrier-free according to the regulations of WCAG 2.1 and BITV 2.0.

  • Modular structured online collection

    The structure of the online collection draws on the structure of current collection management systems and consists of the following modules:

     - Collection

     - Artists/Participants

     - Literature

     - Exhibition

    Furthermore, a separate module for searching and, if necessary, downloading media is available.

  • Search in full-text and faceted search mode

    BeeCollect Web provides the user with a simple full-text search as well as a field-based faceted search. Various search operators can be applied. The search result shows up as a text list, image list or lightbox. It is also possible to save particular hits in a "shopping basket".

  • Detailed display of data

    Detailed data can be displayed for all search results. The output varies depending on the module and supports the rendition of linked media, also including their display in full-screen mode.

  • Download option for linked media

    An option to download media in different resolutions and quality levels can be activated.

Conditions and Availability

Favorable conditions for switching to BeeCollect Web

BeeCollect Web will be available for productive use in December 2017.

We are happy to advise you now and create an individual offer based on your requirements.


The best arguments for BeeCollect Web

  • Use of content directly from the collection database
  • seamless integration with BeeCollect Professional
  • responsive web design
  • barrier-free according to WCAG 2.1/BITV 2.0

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