BeeCollect Media is the ideal digital asset management system in conjunction with the collection management system BeeCollect Professional. Both systems are perfectly matched to ensure smooth processes for importing, processing and exporting images, documents, audio and video files.

The functions of BeeCollect Media are seamlessly integrated into the collection database. Digital media such as images, documents, audio and video files in all possible formats are automatically recognized, assigned to relevant records in BeeCollect Professional and stored in a central document repository.

The structure of the repository is organised according to a configurable scheme. Access to documents is possible via the BeeCollect Media client, BeeCollect Professional or classically the file system (Explorer).

Part of BeeCollect Media is the automatic enrichment of digital media with metadata from the BeeCollect Professional database. Conversely, the import of existing metadata from media files into the BeeCollect Professional database is also supported.

For media use, extensive manipulation and export options are available. This includes, for example, functions for batch processing, mass data changes and transformation into other formats.

Moreover, BeeCollect Media also entails a direct connection to the widespread asset management solutions Cumulus (Canto) and portfolio (Extensis).


Tailored DAM solution for customers of MuseumPlus Classic

The benefits of the interaction between BeeCollect Professional and BeeCollect Media are obvious:

  • No separate database for metadata necessary
    The special architecture of BeeCollect Media makes it possible to manage your digital assets without a separate database. All relevant data is stored directly in the database of the CMS BeeCollect Professional and can therefore be used immediately for further processing. In addition, no complex data synchronization between the asset management system and the collection management system is needed.
  • No adjustments necessary on client application or database of BeeCollect Professional
    BeeCollect Media uses the existing data structures of BeeCollect Professional. Therefore, it is not necessary to make any changes to BeeCollect Professional. Typical asset management functions such as format and size changes, batch processing or export, which are not included in MuseumPlus, are provided via the BeeCollect MediaManager.
  • More favorable in economic terms than similar  systems
    Bee Collect Media is significantly less expensive than comparable systems with similar capabilities, since many features are provided by BeeCollect Professional already.


BeeCollect Media is based on proven client-server architecture

Bee Collect Media consists of two components:

  • BeeCollect MediaSync
  • BeeCollect MediaManager

Both components are based on Microsoft .NET and run on all current Windows client and server operating systems. While BeeCollect MediaSync as a server service controls the automated processes, the BeeCollect MediaManager as a client application allows to configure these processes and enables the manual handling of the associated media.


Renowned institutions trust BeeCollect Media

Renowned international museums and galleries trust in the reliability and ease of use of BeeCollect Media, among others:

  • Stockholm, Sweden: Nationalmuseum
  • New York, USA: Michael Werner Gallery
  • Vienna, Austria: Wien Museum
  • Salzburg, Austria: Salzburg Museum
  • Munich, Germany: Museum Fünf Kontinente (Five Continents Museum)
  • Munich, Germany: Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst (State Museum of Egyptian Art)
  • Leipzig, Germany: Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig
  • Düsseldorf, Germany: Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen

BeeCollect Media

the modules in detail


The most important arguments for BeeCollect Media:

  • tailored DAM software for BeeCollect Professional
  • powerful metadata management
  • automated linking of collection data and digital assets
  • automated generation of desired file formats and sizes
  • integrated interfaces to other widespread DAM systems (Cumulus, Portfolio)

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