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We offer trainings and thematic workshops for our BeeCollect products.

Trainings and workshops are not the same. They have different tasks and lead to different results. Seen from the outside, however, they have many similarities. In addition, the effects of both formats complement each other, so that they are often combined with each other.

In the following, we give a brief overview of typical situations in which the use of one or the other format is recommended. In practice, our trainings and workshops are not always so neatly separated, but occur in all possible mixtures.


We qualify your employees for the work with BeeCollect Products

Modern collection management systems such as the program BeeCollect Professional are usually relatively easy to learn for users with average knowledge of common office software. However, due to their variety of functions, they are not so simple that their handling is largely self-explanatory. Hence, there is good reason that trainings for both users and administrators are a typical part of the introduction of a new collection management system.

Even after the successful implementation of the system there is a continuing need to introduce new staff to the work with the program. Frequently, an internal approach can be found here: Experienced colleagues, who have already worked with the program for a long time, are teaching new users to work with the existing system. This approach has the advantage that not only the general principles, but also certain institutional specifics of the program handling can be imparted at the same time.

However, the ability to qualify their own colleagues in this direction requires that the employees entrusted with this task have the time and the opportunity to deal with the program beyond their own practical needs. Using the program and explaining it to another user are two fundamentally different processes. The latter requires a deeper understanding of the program fundamentals and the further ability to convey this knowledge to other persons.

We support museums and galleries in developing and implementing sustainable training programs for their BeeCollect users. This includes e.g. special "train-the-trainer" offers, which are designed to qualify selected employees as instructors for internal training courses. If desired, we also carry out all types of training for end users. The spectrum of these offers ranges from the teaching of the general program fundamentals to the deepening of special subjects. Which approach is most suitable for the qualification of one's own employees ultimately depends on the goals and conditions of the individual customer.

Talk to us about your training requirements. We will be happy to advise you and find the right solutions together with you.


We assist you to best use your BeeCollect products

Trainings are supposed to enable participants to independently cope with general and specific tasks in practice. Workshops, on the other hand, are designed to develop together with the participants specific strategies for solving particular challenges, - the implementation of which usually is not in the hands of the participants.

A typical occasion for a workshop, for example is the wish of a museum to create new reports for loan or restoration. A training course would aim to give the staff of the museum the opportunity to create these templates themselves. In this situation, however, a workshop serves to clarify all requirements with the museum's staff, so that we as service providers can implement the desired reports according to the customer’s specifications.

Workshops are often appropriate tools to adapt the use of an existing program to changing needs and challenges. Frequently, in the first period of work with a new collection management system not all possibilities of the program are used equally. In the beginning, many museums are deliberately focusing on selected functions which are regarded as particularly important.

The later development of additional ways of using normally does not succeed by itself. It usually requires targeted interventions and an accompanying change management that coordinates the interests, actions and objectives of different parties. Thematic workshops, e.g. about the possibilities to adapt the existing program to changed requirements, can make a decisive contribution here.

We support museums and galleries in adapting established patterns of software usage to growing internal and external requirements. Talk to us about your challenges in the area of digital collection management. We are happy to advise you and work out the right solution strategies together with you.

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