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Digital Asset Management

Professional applications in museums, archives and galleries

At the beginning of the year, I was asked if I would give a lecture on a technical topic at this year's European Registrars Conference in Vienna. I agreed without hesitation and suggested that the lecture could address the use of digital asset management systems in museums, collections and archives. I had noticed that the topic had been on everyone's lips for quite some time, but was often associated with many different and often wrong ideas. The organizers welcomed the topic as well - so on the 12th of June in Vienna, I had the opportunity to share my experiences with an interested expert audience of registrars, curators and collection managers.

After the lecture, I thought about what I could do with my lecture material. The option to simply place the presentation slides on the web page was obvious, but the problem was that the slides could not reproduce the content adquately without the accompanying text. For this reason, I have revised my lecture manuscript once again and present the results as a three-part series on digital asset management here in this blog.

  • What is Digital Asset Management? 
    • Digital Asset Management – this is an often used term these days, when talking about image and document management. I want to give you an insight in what is actually meant by digital asset management. We'll look at how it works and why museums, collections and archives need it – or why they might not need it – and which challenges are related to the introduction of these systems. Learn more
  • What do digital asset management systems do?
    • I will avoid to talk about specific products. There is a small selection of products with a large number of features for virtually any application on the market today. In addition, there is a wide range of products that cover only parts of the overall task digital asset management. They must not be worse, but the right choice requires to know exactly what you expect from such a system. Learn more
  • What challenges do digital asset management systems present to your organization? 
    • Let’s assume, You have chosen to buy a DAMS, the funds are granted, and you're sitting in the first project meeting. It's about to distribute the tasks for this project. Learn more