BeeCollect Sync

A collection management system is not an island. There is a constant need to export data out of the system and add new data. BeeCollect Sync is a comprehensive software solution for importing and exporting data to and from BeeCollect Professional.

When working with modern collection management systems, access to external sources of information plays an increasingly important role. This involves such fields as:

  • standardised vocabularies linked via web services
  • data exchange with external databases
  • interaction with other applications

For these requirements a powerful and flexible interface solution is needed. With BeeCollect Sync we have created such a solution.

BeeCollect Sync consists of a desktop software which allows to manage and activate plug-ins for the import, export or synchronization of data. Besides, imports, exports and sync operations can be performed interactively by the user here.

In addition, there is a service which - installed on a server - can automatically perform imports and exports via appropriately configured and activated plug-ins.

The plug-ins are developed and delivered by Solvatec. In this way, for example, the following automated or interactively guided deployment scenarios can be realized:

  • export of data into user-specific formats (XML, JSON, CSV)
  • export of data into the format LIDO / EDM for export to Europeana / EDM
  • import of data in user-specific formats (XML, JSON, CSV)
  • synchronization with external databases or web services

Technical requirements

Seamless integration into the existing MuseumPlus Classic environment

The desktop software and the server service of BeeCollect sync are based on the Microsoft .NET Framework and are executable on all current Windows client and server operating systems.


Renowned institutions successfully use BeeCollect Sync

Renowned international museums and galleries trust in the reliability and ease of use of BeeCollect Media, among others:

  • Nationalmuseum Stockholm, Sweden
  • Galerie Michael Werner, Märkisch Wilmersdorf, Germany
  • Michael Werner Gallery, New York, USA
  • FRida & freD - The Graz Children's Museum, Austria
  • Salzburg Museum, Austria
  • Wien Museum, Austria


The most important arguments for BeeCollect Sync

  • perfect integration into MuseumPlus Classic 
  • versatile platform for all recurring import and export tasks
  • low manual maintenance

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