SOLVATEC specializes in the development of software and the provision of services for digital collection management.


What our task is

SOLVATEC develops software that helps museums and galleries to gain maximum value from data in the field of collection management.

What is seen as value here is based on the needs of the collecting institutions. The solutions of SOLVATEC therefore aim to enable museums and galleries to tailor the use of their own collection data as flexibly as possible to the needs of internal and external target groups.

For this purpose, SOLVATEC is developing a series of products that are marketed under the joint label BeeCollect. BeeCollect products make collection data more visible as well as easier and more versatile to use. They open up new opportunities for communication and networking to interested parties.

SOLVATEC also offers the right services for museums and galleries to make best use of the collection management software selected. This includes trainings and workshops as well as a wide spectrum of IT services ranging from the realisation of web solutions to the connection of external databases and services, up to the creation of data import and export.


What happened until now

The origin of SOLVATEC in its present form dates back to 2013 when the founder of SOLVATEC Dirk Lock released a first version of the BeeCollect Toolbox. With that, the idea to offer standard software with additional functions for the collection management system MuseumPlus from zetcom entered the world and could no longer be stopped. In May 2014 SOLVATEC was founded as an independent company by Dirk Lock and Jana Deutschländer. Since then, SOLVATEC has successfully established itself in the market with its products and services. A growing line of satisfied customers testify to this development. learn more